About Us
At PG Tyres we pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with a substantial stock base of high quality tyres and reliable, individually tailored services.
  • Choice:  
    We believe that choice is important to our customers and pride ourselves on being able to proivde that. We are able to produce prices for a wide variety of tyres; from all well known standard and premium brands through to top quality own brands.
  • Trust and Reliability:
    We are confident in our promise to you that you will only ever receive top quality tyres and certified, reliable services. We will only do business with our trusted suppliers ensuring your expectations are always met and our promises to you are always kept. 
  • Quality: 
    We are thorough in the research of our potential suppliers which means we will never settle for anything substandard or which we feel may not meet our customer's demands.  We will never purchase tyres that do not comply with international and regional governing laws.
  • Price: 
    We endeavour to obtain prices to suit every pocket. We are able to provide fantastic prices because we directly build strong relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers which in turn means we are able to offer discount to our direct customers whilst keeping our standards high. With our quality guarantee across the board, you can be confident that your practical and financial needs will always be met. 
  • Speed: We understand that delivery speeds are mutually important so we aim to provide next day delivery on all orders placed.
Principally, at PG Tyres we work for our customers. After all, business works best when we work together. We take care of our business relationships and nurture them to provide mutually beneficial, long-lasting and fulfilling partnerships.




We are an online tyre wholesaler based in London, UK, with our core mission being to connect our clients with the best tyre manufacturers and suppliers; creating valuable and perpetual business relationships; providing competitive pricing and promising unbeatable quality and reliability.
We want to provide the best service and for our clients to be happy.
This is what drives us to implement our high standards in everday operations.  
We believe that hard work is the key to success and strive for excellence in all areas of business.
To achieve this we implement our core values whilst also tailoring our services to suit your individual needs. Most important to us, is an open and honest line of communication through which we are able to continue to work cohesively within our network.
At PG Tyres we work diligently with our suppliers and clients and promise to you that we will always endeavour to provide a superior service and all that you need for a consistently efficient, hassle-free and invaluable business relationship. 
We believe that above all, it is important for our clients to trust us and value the service they receive as much as we value their custom.
As a client focused company we understand your need to keep your clients happy too. That is why we will never compromise on quality, reliability, customer service or support. 
We source our tyres and comprehensive services from the most reputable suppliers in europe.
It is because of these inexpensible connections that we are able to offer you the highest quality and best prices to match.
Email: Info@plexusgloballimited.com